AWS Cloud Architect

Location: Work from anywhere in USA/Canada (Remote)


  • 10+ Years


  • As a Solutions Architect, you will be playing a key role in accelerating these customers cloud migration journeys
  • You will be required to apply your experience in inventorying existing infra and applications, applications and/or underlying technology migration, operations and data migration and data management to build high quality migration roadmaps for a large variety of workloads.
  • You will be required to build cloud-optimized architectures, scope and execute migration POCs including infra, OS, DBMS etc.
  • Help customers inventory their existing infra and applications, gather performance data and interdependencies between the various components.
  • Help create a roadmap for AWS cloud adoption based on the above data and the customers business priorities and constraints
  • Work with the cloud economics team to draft the TCO based on solution and migration roadmap

Experience & Qualification:

  • Overall over 10 years of experience in hands on IT such as end user environments, implementation agencies etc.
  • 3+ years of hands-on experience in IT infrastructure migration, software re-platforming, systems administration, or migration software vendor solutions for the cloud.
  • Strong knowledge of AWS Cloud
  • At least One large migration project (At least started though they may be in-progress).
  • Experience in a broad set of technologies related to applications and IT infrastructure migration
  • Strong customer facing skills
  • Strong public speaking and written communications skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills and experience of working with extended virtual teams who can be part of a larger migration effort

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