How Exavalu Implemented An Advanced Lead Management System For A Premium Car Buying Service Provider


A premium car buying service provider, affiliated with a major National Automobile Association, required an upgrade of their lead management system, that would improve the handling of qualified leads.

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The high competition in the market, along with service & technology limitations of the manual processes prevented our clients from differentiating themselves from similar service providers and targeting a broader demographic. The root of the problem lay in the inefficient lead management system, that didn’t allow the agents to track and verify members’ in-market leads sent to the dealers. This lack of traceability resulted in poor member & dealer experience throughout the car buying process, subsequently preventing our clients from demonstrating the value of their services.

How We Brought a Difference Our solution

Exavalu closely partnered with the Car Buying Service Provider to ensure that the advanced lead management framework delivers the desired impact. Drawing on our Pega expertise, we improved visibility by eliminating the previous tracking & verifying member leads challenges, refining the member & dealer experience throughout the car buying process. Working collaboratively with our clients, we also empowered the agents to efficiently manage leads to a streamlined sales process, along with improving the quality of the referrals of members to the dealers.


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