COVID-19 vaccination drive in Kolkata: Exavalu Team’s Effort at Driving Away the Pandemic June 4, 2021

In a bid to say goodbye to the ongoing pandemic, we at Exavalu organized our very first vaccination drive in partnership with Fortis Hospital.  

The event, held on June 24, 2021, brought together our associates located in Kolkata to receive the first dose of vaccinations. This is only the first among many vaccinations drives we aim to organize across all the cities our associates are located in.  

Our Chief Strategy Officer & Head of India Operations, Anup Das was also present at the event, discussing the necessity of such vaccination drives in the face of the dire emergency posed by the pandemic. “We feel really proud for the successful execution of the first COVID-19 vaccination program in Kolkata by Exavalu,” he said, “Our associates and their family members received vaccination to ward off the pandemic, and we are gearing towards organizing the same kind of vaccination programs in other cities as well.” 

While the vaccination does not reduce the importance of basic safety guidelines such as masks, social distancing, and sanitizers, it is still a major step towards eradicating the pandemic effectively. But even then, we would request all Exavalu associates, clients, and partners to follow the basic preventive measures and get vaccinations so that we can say goodbye to the pandemic soon.  

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