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How Exavalu Helped a Leading Affinity Provider of Insurance & Travel Solution Modernize Marketing Operation


A leading affinity provider of insurance and travel solutions wanted to drastically modernize their customer acquisition and retention processes and reached out to us for expert advisory services.

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Our client lacked the autonomy of generating leads due to heavy dependence on affinity channel partners, direct mail, and traditional outreach methods of customer acquisition. This lack of autonomy, along with the rising customer acquisition costs and declining customer retention rates, made accelerated legacy system transformation with innovative and strategic roadmaps necessary.

How We Brought a Difference. Our Methodology and Approach

We engaged with our clients on a strategic level to understand their pain points and vision. Our digital marketing framework helped define the capabilities and enablers needed to launch their digital marketing program. We started with an assessment of the current landscape to understand the capability gaps to recommend and define a clear roadmap for marketing transformation. We also conducted a customer acquisition funnel analysis to identify and quantify the areas of opportunity. As part of this advisory engagement, we helped our client lay out the focus areas for the transformation – Brand refresh, and customer-centric operating model and recommended the targeted mar-tech architecture along with the execution of the process for selection of appropriate mar-tech platforms.


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