Exavalu + Pegasystems:
Accelerate Digital Transformation around Customer Engagement

Companies across industries continue to be heavily disrupted through forces of competition, digital transformation, regulation, and a new generation of consumers that demand distinct and direct channels of engagement.

It’s not enough to simply provide a consistent experience across every channel and touchpoint. Companies also need to make that experience both personal and relevant. But connecting with customers takes more than just sales and marketing. It requires smart automation and optimized business processes built around the customer relationship.

Pega provides a platform that has several technologies that give companies an opportunity to optimize a customer experience across a wide set of business functions.

Pegasystems is the market leader in solutions for transforming customer engagement through CRM solutions and achieving operational excellence through intelligent BPM, Automation and AI.

Exavalu is a member of the Pegasystems business associate program since October 2018.

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