Exavalu + Guidewire:
A Winning Proposition

The Insurance industry continues to be heavily disrupted through forces of technology and digital transformation, increased regulation, changing consumer behaviors, newer distribution models, industry consolidation, challenged investment returns, structural overcapacity and global macro-economic and political change.

In order to survive in a time of such rapid change, insurance companies today are refocusing their efforts on core, digital and data operations to support their clients’ demands and expectations in a much better fashion.

Guidewire’s suite of solutions make it easier for insurers to acquire necessary capabilities in core Insurance functions, Digital, and Data. Exavalu understands the key business challenges, interdependencies and value levers of a customer-focused insurance organization.

Exavalu is a Consulting Select Partner of Guidewire and has been the fastest to reach this category.

Exavalu Guidewire Offerings