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Together, we build systems that can adapt, evolve and spur new growth. Combining Exavalu’s ‘Authorized’ Partnership status, global scale, leadership and expertise with MuleSoft solutions, we deliver new ways to unlock enterprise data to create the speed and agility needed to innovate at scale in your business.

Mulesoft Capabilities

Advisory & Strategy

Well-defined strategy & roadmaps to optimize business growth

  • Strategic Integration roadmap
  • Digital Transformation
  • Business Case

Integration Architecture

Expert Integration/API architecture development to ensure seamless MuleSoft implementation

  • Reference Architecture
  • Cloud vs. On-prem
  • Platform Engineering

Design, Development and Deployment

End-to-end support for an accelerated delivery

  • Design Patterns
  • Security & Re-usability
  • Platform Engineering

Life-cycle management and Adoption

Comprehensive API lifecycle management support to ensure integration success

  • C4E (Center for Enablement)
  • Training and Adoption
  • API life-cycle management

Legacy Modernization & Digital Transformation

Business transformation with API-led connectivity, frameworks, and accelerators

  • Migration Factory
  • 3X faster API Migration
  • Universal API management

Rapid API Development & Migration

Accelerated API development and migration to keep business running smoothly

  • Conversion to new Integration technology and design/implement system, process, experience APIs

Rapid migration from
Legacy Platforms to MuleSoft Anypoint platform

Our Mulesoft Advantage

Customers looking to move from legacy stack face impediments are unaware of the depth & breadth of the integration platform, limited time window etc. At Exavalu, we have designed a methodology and a tool to quickly baseline the environment and accelerate the rapid migration of the services from Legacy platforms to reusable MuleSoft APIs. Our conversion tool addresses the challenges by analyzing the legacy services, documenting dependencies and automatically converting* them to Mule APIs.

*With the tool we provide value by delivering 3X faster migration with over 50% cost savings.

Service Discoverability

Finding out the dependencies of flows on external libraries

Complexity Distribution

Classifying the services into Simple, Medium, Complex based on parameters like number of connectors, number of transformations etc

Inventory Analysis

Identifies the number of database calls, connectors etc. across the entire repository

Technical Analysis

Application level Analysis: Detailing out number of flows, their complexity and the types of nodes. Flow level Analysis: Detailing out each node and their properties


Generated Mule flows from the IIB flows and produces reports detailing out. Nodes to components conversion. Replication of properties in each converted component

Reasons to Choose
Exavalu’s Mulesoft Partnership

Certified & Experienced Talent

Our team comprises over 90% professionally certified members, including experienced developers, architects, and technology leaders.

Global Delivery Capability

Years of experience & expertise make us capable of delivering holistic end-to-end support throughout all levels of business transformation needs using an API-led approach.

IBM Migration Accelerator

We are consistent in delivering solutions that meet the goals of our customers, and our robust delivery track record is supported by positive customer feedback and references.

Referenceable client base

From API-led digital transformation to legacy system modernization, we are the MuleSoft Approved partners for all business transformation requirements for major players across industries.

Best Practice Alignment

Our best-in-class tools & utilities with proven migration process expertise help us spur new growth for our customers.


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