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Leading P&C Insurance Provider Enhances Customer Experience With Digital Claims Payment


One of California’s Leading P&C Insurance carriers, wanted to improve their customers’ claims experience by revamping Claims payments with Digital capabilities. With the core objective to provide customers with a seamless, secure, fast, and efficient claims payment service, they reached out to us for advisory & implementation services.

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Our client already had an in-house system to process claims payments. However, the system was old school, processing checks, causing delays in customer receiving payments and didn’t have any digital capabilities. They were also looking to make it easier and faster for their customers to receive claims payment, making a new digital claims payment solution necessary.

How We Made a Difference Our solution

To overcome the challenges posed by the in-house claims payment system, we came up with a solution to integrate their Claims module with an external digital payments platform that would make the claims payment process faster and provide newer digital means to receive payments (like PayPal, Venmo). The new payment solution improves the customer experience drastically by providing web and mobile front ends to accept payments that are in line with industry standards. The integration solution helped our client streamline the entire claims disbursement process from their in-house product to the external digital payment platform.


Reimagine Claims Customer Experience With Digital Claims Payment

Deliver real value to your customers in their times of need with digital claims payment.

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