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Exavalu Lead Management Solution For Insurance Industry


Exavalu Lead Management System empowers insurers to leverage intelligent automation for incoming leads in Pega Sales AutomationTM. Insurers can deliver qualified leads to the right agent through automatic factor analysis for geographic location, historical sales rep performance, and dynamic lead scoring, and streamline workflows using efficient data processing to convert those leads into sales.

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For insurers using traditional lead management systems, it is hard to catch up to the changing market dynamics. The traditional systems cannot live up to the promise of helping the representatives generate the desired amount of revenue or provide accurate forecasts to the management. Additionally, a leak in the lead funnel results in duplicate leads and qualified agents not receiving the most important leads.

How We Brought a Difference Our solution

We transformed the paradigm of lead management from reactive to proactive with Augmented Intelligence in Salesforce Automation, making the process more insight & data-driven. With automated duplicate lead check & progressive lead ranking based on lead qualifications, we streamlined the process of lead creation, implementing an omnichannel interaction experience through custom screen pop. Finally, the dynamic Next-Best-Action & Top Offers, supported by AI, constantly learn from what works & what doesn’t to self-optimize, continually providing improved guidance to the reps, agents & managers.


Efficient Lead Management Is The Key To Faster Business Growth

Reduce time to market with our Pega-based lead management solution.

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