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Our client aimed to establish a cloud-based system for their non-standard vacant home program, catering to homeowners in areas underserved by other insurers. In pursuit of this, they sought expert guidance for the seamless integration of the cloud-based platform.

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Our client needed a cloud-enabled platform implemented into the existing system to foster innovation and accelerate business growth. However, they needed expert technological know-how to get started with their initiative. They sought assistance from our expert team to leverage a cloud-based platform to boost competitiveness in the market.

How We Brought a Difference Our solution

Exavalu offered strategic leadership and technical expertise in implementing the Guidewire InsuranceNow platform on the Cloud for our clients. We provided expertise throughout the core implementation process and crafted integrations with client middleware, connecting essential systems such as Stripe for customer payments, OFAC, and Delos Hazard Score. Additionally, we established direct connections with SmartComm for forms, InsVista for mortgagee notifications, Verisk ISO PPC, 360Value, and APLUS. We utilized Core V5 APIs to create seamless integrations with the client agent portals for quoting and inquiry. Beyond this, we also helped our client by developing and delivering customized training to empower the client's team in utilizing best practices and optimizing processes within the platform.


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