Improved Customer Experience and Reduced Operational Cost for Large P&C Insurer


Our client, a legacy P&C Insurance provider, wanted to improve customer experience and reduce operational expenses with flawless digital communications capabilities. However, the discrepancy in customer email ID collection & management process made it impossible to integrate digital communications capability within the legacy system used by our clients.

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Our research and assessment process revealed that currently there are 2 million policies with contact information gaps and that there are significant bottlenecks in processes like email ID capture, verification & ongoing maintenance, and synchronization. Multiple loopholes such as the non-mandatory email ID field for online registration and bypassing the email field for agent-sold policies, and the absence of a structured maintenance & verification system make collection and verification of email ID more complex. Additionally, there is no single system of record to maintain, sync, and update the customer contact information, leading to confusion & discrepancy in contact information maintenance.

How We Brought a Difference Our solution

Our collaborative assessment, validation & current state evaluations focused on business scenarios and data flows for different customer journeys and customer data profiling for different systems including the percentage of customers with missing contact information, inconsistent email addresses as well as invalid addresses. After completing the assessment which also included frequency of updates and integration architecture, we suggested the following solutions.


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