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Quality Engineering Readiness for Guidewire Cloud Transition of a Major US Property & Casualty Insurer


The client, a large P&C carrier in the US, was migrating to Guidewire Cloud and realized the need to set up a digital-first QE Architecture to support their business vision. They wanted to adopt industry best practices in QE for the Guidewire cloud and wanted a comprehensive approach to the QE testing framework.

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While migrating to Guidewire Cloud, our client realized they needed to set up a Digital First QE Architecture to support business vision. As they wanted to adopt industry best practices in QE for Guidewire Cloud, they needed a comprehensive approach to the QE Testing Framework.

How We Brought a Difference Our solution

We started with an 11-week engagement covering current-state assessment of Process, Technology, and Workforce, future state recommendations, as well as Automation and Performance testing. We took a deep dive into Automation and Performance testing's current state and future operating model using the GT framework, complementary frameworks for Automation, and Gatling for Performance testing. We also designed and executed Automation/performance scripts to illustrate the benefits of the recommendations. Our approach resulted in current state calibration with best-in-class QE standards, recommendations for comprehensive QE improvements including automation, metrics, and test management efficiencies, and Automation/Performance scripts for significant QE improvement.


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