Integrated Platform Improves Operational Efficiency For Leading Wellness SaaS Company


A leading SaaS company in the wellness industry needed an integrated platform for seamless data synchronization among the four resident systems. They reached out to Exavalu for consultation & implementation services to fast track the entire process.

Services Offered






External System Integration With MuleSoft


API Management


The previous NetSuite system utilized by our client did not support a fast information collection process, which resulted in delays in business operation. Therefore, our client wanted to migrate from NetSuite to Salesforce, they also wanted to reduce the infrastructure, maintenance & security costs of having an on-prem billing system with a cloud-based billing system, leading to the implementation of Aria within the integration layer.

How We Brought a Difference Our solution

Exavalu began the process of implementation by first identifying the core requirements of our client, which were- flawless real-time synchronization between the four resident systems Salesforce, Aria, NetSuite & the Broker & Billing Services Applications, maintain the security over REST & Broker call, and lastly, real-time response with minimal latency & quick failover. Our solutions further included-


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