Integrated InsuranceNow Compatible Broker Self-Service Portal For A Boutique Insurance Carrier


As one of the most prominent Insurance carriers in the state of California, our client wanted to provide more information about their products and the autonomy of self-service to the brokers through a custom, InsuranceNow compatible broker portal. Therefore, they reached out to Exavalu for the implementation of an out-of-the-box solution that would improve the broker experience and satisfy multiple requirements.

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Prior to the implementation, our client was able to provide limited information about their policies and services through their website. There was no dedicated platform for the brokers to gather information about the policies, check for the eligibility of commercial products offered by our clients, or search for quick quote details for insurance products. The broker experience dilapidated due to the absence of such a portal, and our client wanted to remedy the situation with expert advisory & implementation as soon as possible.

How We Brought a Difference Our solution

From reporting losses, getting quick quotes to eligibility checks, our team custom-built an efficient broker-facing portal that enables them to conduct multiple activities effortlessly. We have ensured that the portal is compatible with Guidewire InsuranceNow and requires minimal data input to get accurate output.


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