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USA’s Auto Insurance Provider Revamps Lead Management System With Exavalu’s Pega Expertise


Our client, affiliated with a major national insurance service provider, was looking to modernize their B2B lead management system that would result in enhanced agent productivity & overall improvement of the operational efficiency for the business.

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The major challenge our client dealt with was the manual legacy system. From lead management to data reporting- the labor-intensive manual processes prevented agents from working towards driving membership sales. Agents and managers spent about 20%-40% time managing Excel files for lead management, while managers also had to compile all data manually due to the lack of real-time updates. Last, but not least, the absence of real-time data made the reporting process increasingly dependent on inefficient manual data collection methods.

How We Brought a Difference Our solution

After conducting a complete assessment of our client’s requirements, we worked on replacing the manual processes with automated solutions, such as custom approval process implementation for field event management. We carefully designed an OCM plan for adoption and training, effectively reducing training time from 1 week to 1 day.


Get The Most Out of Automation In Lead Management Process

Replace the age-old manual process with the help of our Pega expertise

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