Reduced FTE Count By 50% For USA’s Biggest Blood Provider & Disaster Relief Organization


America’s largest non-profit humanitarian organization, well known for its global network of volunteers, donors & employees, was in the process of transitioning its legacy internal systems to Salesforce when multiple roadblocks made expert intervention necessary. They required additional support services to keep the entire transformation project within the expected time & budget limitations.

Services Offered


Business Advisory


Technology Advisory


Program Management


Salesforce Cloud License


Salesforce Skedulo


The pre-existing program was lacking in appropriate business & solution architecture, and the previous internal development team was not able to devote 100% of their time to the implementation of the project. The client was overburdened with 10+ separate instances of legacy systems managed by 250+ FTEs (full-time employees) and a manual process supported by multiple systems such as SharePoint, Excel Spreadsheets, Workday & hard copy reports. This manual process created serious bottlenecks in blood drive planning & scheduling activities.

How We Brought a Difference Our solution

Collaborating with the client from an early stage of advisory, Exavalu took end-to-end ownership of the program management, business, functional & technology architecture, and overall implementation. We were able to enhance the user experience through a single source of truth. We augmented the client COE team and assisted the adoption of Salesforce best practices across the program. The strategy designed by Exavalu improved the DEV velocity with a faster turnaround time.


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