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Leveraged RPA For A Futuristic Marketing Campaign Code Generation Process For Leading P&C Insurer


A large Property & Casualty (P&C) Insurance organization with more than 50+ million members across North America was looking to improve the marketing process, and they reached out to Exavalu to automate the marketing campaign code generation process through RPA.

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An in-depth assessment of the situation revealed that each marketing campaign code was unique for different markets, which meant that the creation of individual codes increased the volume of transactions. The business analyst then had to conduct the repetitive process of verifying the campaign codes received from each club and entering them into the mainframe application. This time-consuming process, combined with the availability issues of business analysts trained in mainframe application and campaign code process resulted in growing backlogs, that increased pressure on the system.

How We Brought a Difference Our solution

Utilizing the UiPath RPA framework with mainframe terminal emulation activities, we automated the marketing campaign code process by building an unattended bot.


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