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Setting up Salesforce CoE for Leading $4B P&C Insurance Company Operating in Multiple States


As an independent multi-line insurance organization, our client offered personal, automobile, homeowners, renters and business insurance across multiple States. However, the large-scale operation of our client was disrupted due to the legacy system. Thus, the multi-line insurance carrier reached out to Exavalu for expert digital advisory and CoE setup services.

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Salesforce CoE Set-up


Since 1960, our client has had a significant impact on people’s lives through insurance, but the technology they used was unable to keep pace with their future goals. They were managing their extensive operations through legacy systems that lacked best practices, application architecture review, and oversight. The end goal was to migrate the legacy primitive solution to an updated digital platform. Our team also discovered the lack of Salesforce exposure and clear understanding within the client’s IT and business teams. Our client was in need of a futuristic digital solution to integrate with insurance platforms like Guidewire.

How We Brought a Difference Our Solution

We helped our clients with guidance on “what to do” and “how to do it”, enabling the client teams with Salesforce expertise. We offered our help in multiple areas such as Technology governance, Alignment with Salesforce product roadmap, enforcements of standard and best practices, scalable integration architecture, POD based release and support model and enablement of our client’s team on Salesforce.


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Bring the best digital insurance experience to your customers with our end-to-end salesforce services.

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