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Simplifying IVR to Digital Experience Migration with Thorough Testing and QE Empowerment


Exavalu partnered with a leading insurance company, to help them transform and launch a mobile app using Airkit for their customers to access their policy, claims & billing details

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Our client was in the process of implementing the IVR to Digital Experience Application using the Airkit platform. However, to have a seamless user experience the application needed to be tested across multiple browsers and devices.

How We Brought a Difference Our solution

Our QA team assessed the situation and produced a Test Strategy document to formalize the scope of testing. We created an SIT test plan with a block plan to hit the key testing milestone, performing SIT, E2E, and Regression testing of the entire digital experience flow. Our team created API Automation scripts using the Karate framework to check all the API integration from different upstream applications. We also performed multiple device testing using Browser Stack and implemented Mobile automation using BrowserStack. Exavalu played a key role in Quality Engineering and ensuring delivery on time.


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