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Transforming Claims Management for USA’s Leading Worker’s Compensation Insurer 


Our client wanted to improve the claims straight through processing through improved claims severity and escalation workflow. They reached out to Exavalu for our expert assistance in Advisory and Implementation services.

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Our client, one of the USA’s leading worker’s compensation insurers, wanted to improve their claims straight through processing. To do this, they needed early detection of claims severity and an escalation workflow to be built and integrated into their Guidewire ClaimCenter.

How We Brought a Difference Our Solution

We developed a cloud-based loss analytics model that provides alerts for Guidewire ClaimCenter. The risk model was built using AWS Lambda and interfaced with Guidewire ClaimCenter using MuleSoft APIs. Using DevOps best practices, model updates are supported by automatic batch orchestration to improve business agility. With faster claims escalation, claims adjusters and supervisors can proactively intervene in slow-developing claims and avoid unnecessary indemnity, avoid or prepare for potential litigation, reduce expenses, and easily mitigate opportunistic fraud.


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