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Architecting excellence in customer experience through digital innovation.

Unlock Competitive Advantage Through Superior Customer Experience

Today, exceptional customer experiences are non-negotiable, becoming the driving force behind success. However, navigating this shift presents challenges as businesses strive to meet evolving customer expectations, harness technology, and adapt to ever-changing preferences. At Exavalu, we stand as your partner in this transformative journey. With proven expertise and end-to-end handholding, we help you navigate the complexities, tailor strategies, and implement solutions that enhance your business’s customer experience. By doing so, we empower you to rise above the CX challenges, and thrive in the dynamic business ecosystem, unlocking unparalleled competitive advantage.

Unique benefits offered by Exavalu

Our Service Offerings

DCS and CX Service Strategy Advisory & Consulting

Expert advisory for crafting future-ready Customer Experience and Digital Customer Service strategies.

Digital Customer Experience Strategy and Roadmap

Intent Management and Call Deflection Advisory

CcaaS Assessment and Selection Services

Chatbot and Generative AI orchestration architecture design

DCS and CaaS Implementation Services

Effortless implementation for seamless customer engagement and efficient operations.

Agent Assist Solutions Design, Configure, Integrate, Implement

Customer Assist Solutions Design, Configure, Integrate, Implement

Hyper Automation and Self-Service solutions (eFNOL, STP)

Eco-system integration with other ISVs for Insurance and other industry Digital Portals for B2B, B2C support

CcaaS and Contact Center modernization implementation

Core Enhancement - Digital Enablement for B2B and B2C Support

Elevate B2B/B2C support through core enhancements for enhanced customer experience.

Enhance Core Platforms, Digital Portals, CRM platforms, Call Centers and Direct to Consumer solutions with Self-Service and omni-channel Digital Customer Services capabilities

Customer Service Analytics and Intent Analysis

Empowering service excellence through advanced customer analytics.

Omni-channel Sentiment & Intent Analysis to improve customer service and reduce cost of service

Integration with CcaaS/CRM and Core Platforms for CX

Improve CX through seamless API integration with CRM and Core.

API integration with CRM, Core Platforms for process fulfilment

Utilize Modern Data Platforms to transform customer experience

Discover the impact of reliable data on insurance platforms. Our multi-domain master data management service ensures consistent, quality data, enhancing analytics and transforming customer experiences. Explore real-world examples in this article.

Why choose Exavalu to Improve Experience for your customer?

A Comprehensive Approach

Our full range of services encompasses end-to-end strategy, assessment, implementation, and support for modern omnichannel customer experience including CRM and CCaaS implementation.

Elevating Customer Engagement through Tech-Driven Capabilities

Technology-driven capabilities to coordinate live customer support and self-service features, utilizing technology for improved communication across various platforms and choices.

Enhancing CRM Integration with DCS Solutions

Our DCS solutions enhance CRM technologies like Salesforce, Pega Systems, portals, and apps, enabling automated fulfillment processes.

Customer experience enhancement support for both B2B and B2C services

We deliver support in developing customer experience strategies outlining action plans, formulating customer service strategies, and implementing solutions for both B2C and B2B services.

Partnership with Major ISVs

We are proud partners with leading ISVs including Glia, Airkit, Hi-Marley, AWS Connect, Google, Microsoft, and Twilio. Our global professional services span the US, India, and Canada, ensuring top-notch delivery.

Flexible Engagement Models

Our flexible staffing and engaging model including onsite, offshore, co-sourced, fixed, or T&M engagements.

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