Rethink Insurance for a Digital World. Helping global insurers innovate, gain agility and compete in a customer-driven, digital world.

Exavalu’s consulting, technology & leadership team has decades of experience working with top insurers on strategic challenges facing the Insurance industry in all key segments including Property & Casualty (P&C), Insurance for personal & commercial lines, Life Insurance, Annuities, Retirement and Group Insurance companies.

The Insurance industry continues to be heavily disrupted through forces of technology and digital transformation, increased regulation, changing consumer behaviors, newer distribution models, industry consolidation, challenged investment returns, structural overcapacity and global macro-economic and political change. Not only is the composition of the Top-10 in the US Insurance market today different from 20-years back, but the consolidation of market share is staggering in a winner takes all environment that’s changing rapidly.

This calls for insurers to rethink their strategy and operating models, review participation choices in stages of the value chain, develop digital capabilities quickly, deploy technology effectively, improve compliance posture, and focus on innovation and customer-centered thinking. Our clients are increasingly turning to us to provide clarity and strategic support in their search for growth, profitability and business resilience.
Our experience spans the insurance value chain. Our principals have worked with clients ranging in size from the largest global P&C insurers to small InsurTech players. We work with insurers and reinsurers, brokers/agents, claims management companies, and technology & distribution platforms. Our experienced team offers profound, holistic and deep understanding of the key business challenges and value levers in Insurance.

How We Help our customers


Strategic Consulting & Advisory:

Exavalu’s Insurance Consulting group conducts strategic assessments for Insurers to review their Business Strategy & Operating models using a capability centric approach.

We leverage our deep experience within the Insurance Value chain covering Marketing, Sales & Service, Product Management, Actuarial, Policy Management, Underwriting and Claims to provide insights into approaching problems around growth, retention, profitability and operating efficiency. Our portfolio of strategic services also includes evaluation of Technology choices in a variety of critical areas including Core systems modernization, Digital & Digitization, Data & AI, Vendor platforms, Reporting & Analytics.



Technology Solutions and Delivery Services:

We rapidly execute technology programs on behalf of our clients through Exavalu’s Technology Delivery group. But How?

The range of capabilities cover core systems modernization (for Insurance Policy/ Billing & Claims Administration), implementation & improvement of systems of engagement like those which deliver great experiences for agents & customers, systems of intelligence to provide operational & financial analytical insights, and architecture & delivery of APIs that intelligently connect these layers for creation and consumption of services.

Exavalu principals bring years of hard-won experience in implementing Guidewire Policy, Claims and Billing solutions. We partner with clients to develop solutions for key business capabilities by integrating their Guideware Policy Center, Claim Center and Billing Center core systems with external and internal providers/platforms such as Lexis Nexis, ISO, Carfax, CCC, Mitchell, IAA/COPART to name a few.  Examples include consolidated Underwriting Desktop, new product introduction framework, Electronic FNOL, photo estimation, medical bill review, SIU case management, fraud detection, advanced analytics, operational reporting and subrogation and salvage processing.

We help carriers implement Guidewire’s cloud-based Insurance Now suite to accelerate growth on the back of a solid core system. We provide end-to-end services from business process fitment to configuration, integration and application support.


Exavalu can help you define the Innovation strategy & realization model that works best for you and fits your scale, strategic goals and risk appetite. Exavalu partners with the InsurTech eco-system including Incubators and InsurTechs to accelerate the process of innovation for our clients.

The ‘InsurTech’ space has seen explosive growth and investment in the past few years. There are literally hundreds and very probably thousands of 1,000 InsurTechs – although this number is highly sensitive to the definition. While the vast majority will not survive, it is certain that some of these firms and technologies will end up changing the industry irreversibly.

Simultaneously ‘innovation models’ are proliferating as carriers struggle to respond to the onslaught of technology changes. These range from aggressive investment and sponsorship of insurtechs to more cautious ‘fast follower’ approach.

With our industry knowledge and technology expertise, Exavalu Innovation Advisory services help you cut through the clutter and pick the right insurtechs and technologies to invest in, partner with or contract to.


Finally, we offer innovation realization services to co-develop and pilot solutions based on IoT, A.I., Machine Learning and Automation. For instance we are working to create IoT & AI enabled solutions in the Home Insurance segment for our customers to transform the claims management process.