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P&C insurance industry: the current state

The profound shift in customer expectations and the evolving global market landscape has driven carriers to thoroughly examine and identify the limitations of existing industry practices. Consequently, P&C insurers are now focusing more on innovation and cultivating agility within their core business operations. With the aim of swiftly responding to ongoing market disruptions, carriers are significantly increasing investments to expedite diverse technology and business transformation initiatives, all in pursuit of creating enduring value for their policyholders.

How Exavalu is helping P&C Insurance industry

Exavalu possesses deep expertise across the broad spectrum of P&C lines of business while being engaged as a trusted partner to leading insurers. We combine our extensive industry knowledge with deep technology expertise to help our clients deliver on their core modernization and digital strategies for innovations that lead to growth, profitability, cost optimization, risk management, and improved customer experience.

Our services Overview

Advisory Services

Empowering insurance businesses with comprehensive advisory services.

Technology Services

Comprehensive Technology Services expertise encompassing product configuration and digital implementation.

Maintenance Services

Efficient solutions to keep your systems running smoothly and up to date under Maintenance Services.

The Exavalu Advantage

At Exavalu, we embody the convergence of expertise, innovation, and technological advancements within the P&C insurance industry. We collaborate closely with our esteemed clients to design and implement tailored solutions that address their specific business requirements. By enhancing core business operations, expediting product time to market, and empowering novel business and operating models, we consistently pave the way for our client’s success.

Domain Expertise

Founded and led by industry veterans, we deliver tailored roadmaps, strategies, and digital solutions grounded in P&C insurance expertise.

End-to-End Solutions

Our end-to-end solutions streamline P&C operations encompassing multiple business operations and reducing transformation complexities.

Full-Service Offering

We deliver a wide array of services, from strategic consulting to implementation and ongoing managed solutions, ensuring complete support at every stage.

Scalability and Flexibility

Whether a regional insurer or a national carrier, we cater to your evolving business requirements, fostering growth and adaptability.

Continuous Support and Training

Through continuous support and training, we empower your team, maximizing digital tool utilization, and fostering long-term partnerships.

Proven Track Record & Referenceable Clients

Demonstrating success in digital transformation projects, we boast a reputable track record, endorsed by top P&C insurers in the industry.

Systems Integration

We forge partnerships with top insurance technology providers, ensuring successful digital transformations for our clients.

Our Insurance Solutions

Innovative and tailored solutions to streamline processes, enhance risk management, and optimize customer experiences in the dynamic Property and Casualty Insurance sector.

Digital Engagement Platform for Agents

Digital Engagement Platform for Agents

A flexible and configurable platform that equips agents with essential features, collaboration tools, and productivity enhancements, optimizing every step of the agent workflow for the best results.

Digital Engagement Platform for Customer

Digital Engagement Platform for Customer

A platform equipped with a responsive, and user-friendly UI that enables customers to directly buy and manage their policies efficiently.

Exasure – Insurance in a Box

Exasure – Insurance in a Box

An all-in-one platform for carriers and brokers, delivering value through digital features. Designed for niche insurers and brokers, it ensures speedy market entry and flexibility in modern underwriting processes.

Exaconnect – Core Connector for Salesforce

Exaconnect – Core Connector for Salesforce

Available on the Salesforce App-Exchange portal, Exaconnect enhances staff experience by seamlessly connecting Salesforce with insurance core systems. It utilizes available APIs and reusable UI components to access policyholder, insured, and contract details effortlessly.
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