Dreamforce 2022: Key Takeaways and Our Closing Thoughts 

The world’s largest software conference, Dreamforce 2022, concluded last week. It was filled with a huge number of announcements, news, and innovations for the Salesforce ecosystem, bringing a lot to look forward to by customers, partners, and the developer community in the coming days. The mantra this time was an integrated and connected world, as that is how the world is operating now. Here are major themes and announcements that generated maximum attention. 

Slack Imperative: Future of Work 

The announcement of Slack Canvas comes at a time when the world is moving towards new ways of working. It is a persistent layer of information that complements real-time messaging in Slack, making it the tool to look forward to for Salesforce customers.  

Salesforce has natively integrated Quip into Slack through Canvas, which can be integrated with Customer 360 or any system of record, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Tableau, documents, embedded workflow, etc. This can make life super easy for account teams and provide all information at their fingertips. Slack Canvas will be available next year. 

Integration of Acquisitions with Core Platform 

Salesforce is finally rolling on the integrated journey for the Salesforce ecosystem. It announced the integration of Marketing and Commerce Cloud on the core platform along with other integrations which mean low code skills can now be applied to these. 

Salesforce Genie – Real-time CRM becomes a reality 

One of the biggest announcements of this year’s Dreamforce has been Salesforce Genie. With Salesforce Genie, the amazing CRM experience is set to get better. So, what is Salesforce Genie?  

Dreamforce 2022 Key takeaways by Exavalu
  • Real-time hyper-scale data platform natively built– Infinitely scaled, stream events in real-time, Einstein can personalize in a millisecond, Flow automation can respond to real-time events. 
  • Powers Salesforce customer 360 to become World’s 1st Real-time CRM.  
  • Stores a massive amount of real-time data streams from multiple digital connectors such as mobiles, apps, web channels, devices, as well as third-party connectors.  
  • Creates Real-time Customer Graph–Takes all different types of data and converts them into one consistent view of the customer.  
  • Genie is not a product but a platform.  
  • Open and Extensible. 
  • Lakehouse Architecture–Natively compatible with Snowflake. 
  • Naively integrated 1st party Ad Networking groups.  
  • Natively integrated with other AI engines beyond Einstein. 

Salesforce Genie will be a game changer for organizations in pursuit of providing seamless exceptional customer experience and enhanced personalization. Genie is generally available with the announcement in Dreamforce. 

External Encryption Ecosystem and Hyperforce 

Hyperforce is being reimagined as a platform architecture to securely and reliably deliver Salesforce solutions, on major public clouds, including AWS, Azure, and Google.  

The new External Encryption Ecosystem was created when Salesforce hoped to expand Hyperforce into new regions but came up against increasingly stringent data residency requirements. Using cryptography, Salesforce can “hand the key over” to the customer, who as a result, will have full control over data. It’s a huge opportunity that will enable Hyperforce to operate in a more challenging region  

In Dreamforce 2022, it was announced that Hyperforce will reach 17 countries by the end of this year. 

Partnership of the century: Salesforce + WhatsApp 

Effortless and personalized communication is the most important aspect of customer experience. Nearly 90% of customers believe that a company’s experience is as important as the product or services. For these customers, consistent, digital communication is the key to a good experience. Therefore, the Salesforce WhatsApp Partnership will be extremely beneficial to all Salesforce customers. 

Dreamforce 2022 Key takeaways by exavalu

With WhatsApp-first business messaging, companies will deliver a more convenient, integrated, and personalized experience to their customers. This integration will help brands redefine their relationship with their customers, improving engagement with more personalized communication.   

Businesses can integrate Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and Commerce Cloud with WhatsApp to support conversational engagement throughout the customer journey.   

Future of Development 

Salesforce continues to inspire the developer community and add to its already huge community of developers. It announced the next-gen developer tools for developers which will continue to make them efficient and super productive with all they need at their disposal.   

  • Anypoint Code Builder MuleSoft   

Building solutions for the real world and virtual world for the engagement layer in the future without having to login into different applications.  

  • Coding Made More Flexible: Salesforce Code Builder   

The brand-new web-based development environment optimized for Salesforce eliminates any need to install and configure coding software on the device. With code builder, developers can develop right on their browser, using their favorite frameworks and languages such as SOQL, Apex, and Lightening Web Components. 

The browser-based code builder also includes all the features and functionalities of a modern IDE like code completion, search, refactoring, etc. Code Builder beta provides some exceptional features such as access to Salesforce-specific commands, the ability to connect with multiple Salesforce orgs, an Org browser to explore org metadata, as well as the use of the code builder terminal to run Salesforce CLI commands.   

  • DevOps Center    

DevOps Center makes the change and release management process when developing with Salesforce better. It allows you to take advantage of modern DevOps best practices through a centralized, easy-to-use interface. Developers can now easily track and deploy the associated changes with Work Items, an object in the DevOps center. It integrates seamlessly with GitHub for source control. Changes are tracked automatically as they are made in development environments. DevOps Center is designed to work for “hybrid” or “fusion” teams, i.e., teams made up of developers across the low-code → pro-code continuum. This means that you can do your work inside or outside of the DevOps Center UI-based application, and things stay in sync.  

Sneak Peek into LWC’s new features :

  • Debugging mobile components is made easy through a local mobile simulator allowing. Preview and debug mobile components during development
  • Create LWCs that work offline  

A Push to make Sustainability easy: The Net Zero Cloud Initiative  

Carbon emissions are at an all-time high, and businesses across the world are seeing an increasing need to become more sustainable in their practices. Among the organizations that are trying to become more sustainable, the most important aim right now is to reach a net zero emission goal, and Salesforce Net Zero cloud provides customers with a viable starting point. 

  • Net Zero Cloud:  

A Salesforce product that helps organizations meet their sustainability goals. Manage sustainability data, automate supplier emissions tracking, and forecast and reduce risk. “What-if Analysis” (powered by Tableau) and Einstein Recommendations also help power the Net Zero Cloud.  

  • Net Zero Cloud Marketplace 

The one-of-a-kind carbon credits marketplace, built on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, connects buyers with ecopreneurs, making it easier to purchase third-party carbon credits. The platform eliminates the complexity of finding and verifying carbon credit quality by aggregating and publishing third-party ratings for projects, increasing transparency and empowering organizations to choose which carbon credit is good for them. The marketplace will launch with 90 projects in 11 countries. 

Salesforce Easy: Business resiliency increased 

Industries across the world are facing intense pressure to evolve and adapt rapidly, while the uncertainty about what lies ahead keeps on increasing. To succeed in these circumstances, businesses need to be swift in integrating technologies and transforming their business processes. Built on the philosophy of Easy by Default, Advanced by Choice, Salesforce Easy makes it possible for businesses to transform fast, leveraging the power of the Salesforce platform easily with low-code features. 

The platform makes it easy for SMBs to start their Salesforce journey with simplified onboarding and streamlined setup, providing multiple login options, including social login. Salesforce Easy brings together access to crucial Salesforce services like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud right from the same homepage. 

Our Closing Thoughts 

Salesforce continues to invest in new innovations and solutions that impact society, technology, and businesses at large. As the community just keeps growing, it continues to inspire and keep the curiosity going. Marc raised the word ‘Shoshin’, Japanese for “beginners mind” which truly reflects the idea to continue to challenge, question, and evolve. Our team at Exavalu is excited to be part of the journey and help our clients maximize ROI from their Salesforce investments.  

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