For the 2nd time, Exavalu ranked as the best small consulting firm to work for in 2021 by Consulting Mag

For the second time in 3 years, Exavalu has been ranked as one of the Best Small Firms to Work for in the consulting industry by AML Consulting Magazine, once again validating our hard work to build an enriching work environment for our consultants so that we can keep delivering the best services to our client. 

The rankings, based on the surveys conducted on the firm’s own consultants, highlight the amazing work-life balance as well as the work culture of the firms. Previously in 2019, Exavalu ranked high on the list for offering the associates an exceptional work-life balance and leadership that helped them to learn & grow. This year, we have achieved the same success with our consistent effort to build a vibrant and positive work environment.   

Our CEO Saurav Basu expressed his satisfaction with the ranking, saying that “The acknowledgment is even sweeter because we haven’t been in business as long as some of our other peers in the group. In 2019, we were the youngest in the group of companies ranked the best in the industry. And despite not having as many years under our belt, we were able to rank again due to our combined focus on providing our clients with valuable business strategy/operations consultation & digital technology transformation and ensuring that our associates excel in the industry.” 

The success that belongs to all of us in the Exavalu family  

Being ranked among the best firms to work for 2 times in 3 years is a sure sign that we are walking the right path. Reshaping the industry standards while defining the culture & environment of the company, it is now our goal to keep up this momentum while we move forward, ensuring Exavalu’s permanent place in the list of ‘Best Place to Work.’   

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