Exavalu becomes the ‘Highest-ranked Newcomer’ on the Best Small Firms To Work For list by Consulting Magazine

September 26, 2019

In an amazing turn of events, Exavalu has debuted as the highest-ranking newcomer into Consulting Magazine’s Best Places to Work For list 2019, and as our CEO Saurav Basu expressed, “this ranking validates our belief we’re building an organization that attracts and retains the best talent, which is core to us providing value to our clients.”

The rankings, based on the results of surveys conducted upon consultants, highlight the strengths and weaknesses of companies in the consulting industry. And according to the survey results, Exavalu’s high ranking is a direct result of impeccable work/life balance, as well as excellent leadership. The rank is also a testament to the fact that engaging with the employees regularly & providing them with a motivating work environment, which is the key to success for a growing organization like ours. The positive work culture and effective leadership continuously motivate us to move forward towards the solution to the next challenge.

Moving forward to a more diversified and successful future!

There’s no doubt that this news has increased morale among the Exavalu team. However, our future goals for the organization are even more expansive. In the future we aim to provide flexible work arrangements, expand on our benefits programs and enhance the diversity of our team, while retaining the core beliefs & values of employee engagement, mentorship, and work-life balance, ensuring that we keep on delivering world-class services to our clients.

Read the news here.

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