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How our Quality Engineering Solutions improves business outcomes?

At Exavalu, we focus on accelerating business transformation through digital initiatives. Our Quality Engineering framework is at the heart of accelerating Digital initiatives and improving software quality through test automation.

⦿ Certification in the leading testing solutions

⦿ Leverage the leading testing frameworks for mobile, web and API testing

⦿ Diverse set of open-source and commercial testing software

⦿ KPI driven focus on improving quality over time

⦿ In-house Selenium API testing framework and accelerators

⦿ Optimal right shoring team strategy

Exavalu Quality Engineering Solutions

Our Service Offerings

Quality Engineering Advisory Services

Holistic strategies to modernize quality engineering, test automation and tools.

Test Automation

Implementing an Automation-First strategy across unit, delta, regression, integration and UAT testing phases.

Improving Quality & Time to Market

Drive quality engineering into the software development practices through shift-left strategies.

Performance Testing

Modern approaches to ensuring performance and response testing of SaaS platforms.

Security Testing

Drive secure coding practices into application development by adopting Security validation strategies.

Continuous Integration/ Delivery (CI/CD)

Accelerate software delivery time through effective test and deployment automation solutions.

How Insurers Can Utilize Modern Data Platforms To Capitalize On Data

In the digital era, data’s significance is increasing even more since it allows insurers to gather deeper insights, execute targeted marketing strategies and revolutionize customer experience through carefully selected solutions and technologies.

Why Choose Exavalu for Our Quality Engineering Solutions? 

Unmatched Expertise 

Our seasoned Quality Engineering professionals bring years of deep and broad experience in quality engineering, ensuring your transformation is in capable hands.

Cutting-Edge Testing Tools  & Frameworks

Through constant focus on research and development, we build a Digital Assurance framework leveraging the best-in-class testing framework and tools.

Tailored Solutions 

Our solutions are customized to address your unique business challenges and transformation goals.

Cost Efficiency 

Our Quality Engineering solutions help reduce operational cost that can be re-invested to drive your Digital agenda.


Focus on automation and tool modernization significantly accelerates new product launches through Automation-First approach.

Customer-Centric Approach 

Focus on Behavioral-Driven Development testing strategies to improve customer experience

Continuous Improvement 

We believe in the philosophy of Transforming while Performing through unwavering focus on measuring and delivering continuous improvement

Global Reach 

With global delivery capabilities, we offer support and solutions that promote time to value and round the clock testing support

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